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Mini-course: Writing Persuasive Business Proposals

Hi! I’m Chesney Bradshaw;

The business climate today is full of risks and opportunities. You need every competitive edge possible.

Persuasive business proposals can help you win a sale, secure investment for your business and obtain funding for your project. They can win more customers, clients and contracts.

Poorly thought out written proposals can lose contracts in a heartbeat.

I’ve taught many people how to write a winning proposal.

You can do it, too. My mini course on writing business proposals will help you

quickly learn how to attract and win clients.

Believe me, if you’re smart enough to master your business,

you’re more than smart enough to write well. You can produce a good

proposal, a winning proposal. You can do it!

Email for more information.

Brief description of my book Guide to Better Business Writing published by Bell & Cray Business Books

A brief description of my business writing book which includes a review of the contents. The book was written over a period of two years with much research into business writing. I drew on my 40 years of experience in professional business writing.

Have you ever felt embarrassed by reaction to something you wrote?

I do business writing coaching and I have found recently that a lot of my participants are interested in writing with sensitivity.

This ranges on a spectrum from business people who don’t want to say anything that will turn their readers off to those who are concerned about anything that may offend their readers.

If you’re interested in writing with sensitivity, let me know and I can make available a one-hour complimentary session for you.

Business writing is one of the top 3 skills hiring managers look for

It’s hard to get attention with your emails, and writing the wrong thing can upset colleagues and customers. I teach business people to write with confidence and less frustration through quick practical tips and examples from my years of business experience.

Business writing is one of the top three skills that hiring managers look for. Poor writing skills on the job can hurt relationships among bosses and colleagues, lose valuable customers, result in costly errors and damage your reputation and that of your company. Don’t wait until you’re shown the door before you do something about your business writing skills. Assist your employees to come on the training too and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results.

My one-on-one coaching in business correspondence writing is quick and easy to absorb and will give you fast results. Book a private and confidential session now at competitive rates.

Better Business Writing

The Business Writing Academy runs the “Better Business Writing Course”, designed with years of business writing experience, covering key topics over two days.

The course includes the writing process, audience research, beginnings, getting and holding your reader’s attention, organising your thoughts, the 5 C’s of effective business writing, writing with power, style and tone to suit different situations, the main forms of business writing (including emails and social messaging) and special forms of messaging.

Better Business Writing Skills gives you techniques that anyone can quickly absorb and that helps you achieve your objectives and that of the company you work for. How to get people to read your emails. How to write business letters and reports that your boss and customers will appreciate. How to use the appropriate style and tone that prevents you from writing things that make people angry or turn them away. How to write in a more open world where your choice of words or phrasing may offend and belittle others. How to communicate your thoughts and ideas in a powerful way – a little-known method that no one teaches – given to you as a special bonus once you’ve assimilated the core business writing techniques and concepts.

Course trainer and coach

Course trainer Chesney Bradshaw, BA, MBA, has more than 30 years experience in business writing and coaching. He has taught business writing to tertiary students and done in-house training.

Contact Chesney Bradshaw for further information about private and confidential coaching and or the course outline and dates.