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If you want start-up help and advice on formulating your business idea, market testing, development and business planning for market introduction, Idea Accelerator can help you with its start-up advisory service including e-books, coaching and workshops.

Secrets of generating ideas for profit

Secrets of Generating Ideas For Profit: how to quickly and easily get viable business ideas, by Chesney Bradshaw, published by Bell & Cray Business Books. Price: R350.00 ($35.00)

This book is for anyone who wants to generate ideas for products and services in a hurry. An easy-to-use, practical guide lets you into the secrets of generating ideas that you won’t find anywhere else. The 36-page creativity and innovation guidebook shows you how to generate an idea, decide if your idea is worth implementing, develop your idea, implement your idea as well as helping you get up to speed quickly on marketing and selling your product or service. This book is not afraid to cover areas that many other authors and consultants gloss over because they have not had the hands-on experience in actually implementing ideas into start-ups and small businesses with profitable success.

7-day crash courseSeven-day crash course “Turn Your Idea Into a Viable Business” by Chesney Bradshaw, published by Bell & Cray Business Books. Price: R500.00 ($50.00)

This seven-day email crash course gets you up and running with idea creation, selection and implementation at lightning speed. Just because this is a short course doesn’t mean it leaves any short-cuts. This course is like having an on-line experienced business mentor in confidence show you how to develop promising ideas for products and services and at low-cost or no-cost. This course will give you the nudge you need to get your ideas into action. Whether you are business beginner or have some years experience, you will profit greatly from the fresh thinking in this course which helps you to bring about ideas in a dynamic marketplace.

paperbackstackHow you can make money from blogging, by Chesney Bradshaw. Published by Bell & Cray Business Books. Price: R270.00 ($27.00)

Have you dreamed about starting a blog to make sideline money? I’ll show you how if you are not afraid of the “hard work” and “long hours”. I’ve run a blog for five years. It was easy for me to make the leap to blogging because I was a webmaster for several years but I have used my experience in sales, marketing and communication as well as start-up businesses to the full to make it successful. I’m not going to make you any wild promises about earning money online. But I will say what you may not want to hear: “You have to work your ass off for months or even years without any financial rewards to get your blogging going.” If you believe you are serious and passionate and have the patience to persevere, then this guide is for you.

Business Idea ClinicBusiness Idea Clinic. Price: R2,400.00 ($240.00)

How do you know your idea will work? A confidential one-on-one face-to-face session or online cloud-based virtual meeting that shows you the steps you need to take to develop your most promising idea. Advice, guidance and suggestions cover business idea generation, feasibility studies, market research, business planning and marketing and selling. You will end the session with a clear action plan for commercialising your business idea for a product or service.

Business Idea Generation Workshop. Price: R4,900.00 ($490.00)ringbinderlaying                  Business Idea Generation Workshop. Presented by Chesney Bradshaw, Masters of Business Administration, Herriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK, and founder of Idea Accelerator. For anyone who would like to generate business ideas and turn them into viable products or services. Content covers:

    • new ways to generate business ideas through freewriting, the 20-Idea Method, Fusion Cards
    • finding ideas through observation, listening to potential customers, trade shows and published materials
    • participants experience the four-step ideas-to-product process
    • delegates complete three one-page plans to prepare their product or service for market launch.

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