Shift your creativity into higher gear

Breeede River, Western Cape
Breeede River, Western Cape (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A woman from the UK landed up in the town of Worcester in the Western Cape and decided that she wanted to make the town her home. What ideas do you think she came up with to make an income that would enable to live in this scenic town in South African wine lands? Scroll down to the end of this post to see the answer.

What makes this number unique?


Find out the answer when you scroll to the bottom of this post.

For some people brain teasers like this seem silly or even stupid. Yet the point here is that they show how we are all faced with challenges and need to solve them through creative thinking. The answer to the women who landed up in Worcester in the Western Cape wasn’t solved overnight by her. She would have taken much longer to work out how she was going to make a living for herself, perhaps for many years, compared to the answer to the number poser, which you may have already solved yourself. Continue reading “Shift your creativity into higher gear”