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When I was a little boy I used to love going to the circus that used to come each year to the beach. Out of all the wonderful things at the circus what I enjoyed most was watching the magicians.

The magicians, dressed up in smart black suits and top hats, would do things like waving their wands and magically a dove would appear from their hat. They would also pull handkerchiefs from their sleeves that seemed to go on and on. The one I think that everyone loved was how they magically found money behind people’s ears.

In the real world how do you create your own magic? What does magic mean for you? Have you created real magic in your life through your business, products or services?

Making something from virtually nothing has always appeared like magic to me. Let’s take the example of someone who makes a scrumptious dinner. All the ingredients are there in the kitchen. The chef puts them into pots and pans and into the oven and from these various ingredients a transformation occurs. These ingredients become tasty meals or dishes served on a plate. The ingredients by themselves have not suddenly become a tasty dish – the real magic has been the chef who has used their skills, know-how and ideas to make ordinary ingredients such as flour, butter, eggs, meat and vegetables into a cordon bleu meal.

It’s amazing how some people can create products or services themselves from virtually nothing and live and work in their hometowns and enjoy themselves. Sadly, others take years to learn professional services and then find that their home town or home city is too small for these services. Then they have to go sell their services in other countries in far off lands. Why is it that these people can’t come up with products and services that they create themselves and can support their lives in local communities?

Creating an income for yourself on your own terms and serving and supporting others is a kind of magic. Not only is this liberating but it’s also empowering and helps you love every day with joy and excitement. Coming up with things to sell yourself is deeply fulfilling especially when you are engaging with your passions, aligning your work with your values and sharing what you have created with others. A business of your own can be a way of sharing your gifts.

So, how do you create your own magic in your life? How practically do you go about coming up with ideas for products and services and turning them into commercially viable products? How do you take ordinary objects and inject life into them so that they magically take on a life of their own?

It all involves coming up with new ideas, seeing opportunities in the market, spotting trends, identifying gaps and using your imagination and passion to come up with something from scratch. You can do all of this on your own or if you are stuck will need to speed up the process, you may need help with pragmatic, practical and enjoyable advice and guidance as well as coaching to help you create your own magic.

Life is short. Some people say that we shouldn’t could our years but live for each and every day. Others have taken it further and have said that we should live every second and yet others say we should live every breath we take. Why wait another moment? Why not use your next breathe to send me an email to get started?

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