Facing the brutal truth about money anxiety can force you to act

debt-new-coverIt’s a touchy subject. Not for the squeamish. It’s a lot harder to get by these days. If you don’t tighten up and plan your expenditure, you can find yourself in trouble. Running out of money before the month end, puts stress on you to go cap in hand and ask family and friends. But they too are just managing to get by. It’s easy to see why so many people are over their heads in debt.

Spending beyond your means, not planning for unexpected expenses, failing to anticipate rising costs, all work together to land you in deep water. Not only do you become indebted to others but you stand to lose the love of those closest to you. How can those close to you respect you when you are always running into money troubles. Loss of your self-esteem is one thing but you also carry guilt. Why, the reason is simple. You see, when you can’t meet your obligations to your loved ones you feel a lesser person in their eyes. If only… if only… you could have done things differently. Continue reading “Facing the brutal truth about money anxiety can force you to act”