What is the best predictor of your success in a start-up?

John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn in True Grit.
John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn in True Grit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A weekly supermarket checkout gossip magazine featured some spoof horoscopes on their front cover. Take this entry, for example: Libra – you get $100,000 out of the blue. Capricorn: a new home – and a new job. Virgo: Lottery luck is yours… At last!

Everyone knows that horoscope predictions are as flimsy as the gossip stories you get in the same supermarket checkout magazines. The same seems to be true of the guesswork involved in predicting whether a start-up founder, entrepreneur or small business owner is going to succeed or not. But that doesn’t stop the experts and guru consultants all pointing to success predictors that they swear by. Continue reading “What is the best predictor of your success in a start-up?”

Who helped you most on your life’s journey?

English: Hillbrow and the Hillbrow Tower
Hillbrow and the Hillbrow Tower (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When we look back on what we have achieved, how far we’ve progressed and what we’ve done in our life and business, we know that we have had help along the way. Out of all the people that you have known in your lifetime who has helped you most or influenced you most?

Sometimes we forget those early influences. I remember one point in my life when I was considering doing a degree. I had no support from family or friends where I lived because in those days many of the youngsters were not going to university but are decided on trades and clerical positions. I had this yearning to learn more and be more and thought that a bachelor of arts degree would give me a leg up in life. Continue reading “Who helped you most on your life’s journey?”

Negotiation — it’s not all bare-knuckles and dirty tricks

Red in tooth and claw

Top negotiators keep their best methods tucked inside their wallets. They may dish out occasional pearls of wisdom with an *ahem* delectable price tag at conferences and seminars. But most of us have to learn in the trenches like everyone else.

What does a small business, entrepreneur or startup need to know about negotiation?

Negotiation is a give-and-take process between two or more parties who want to reach an agreement or resolve a conflict.

This sounds like a dry dictionary definition. But we need a place to start. What an agreement implies is that it should be acceptable to both parties. And if it isn’t? Well, either party has the veto or right to say no to a proposal or decision. Continue reading “Negotiation — it’s not all bare-knuckles and dirty tricks”