Five creativity techniques to help you in your personal life and business


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The seed of success for most things in life — personal relationships, health, business, community — is creative thinking. It doesn’t matter if it’s thinking disguised as intuition, decision-making or problem-solving.

Creativity helps you come up with more imaginative ideas, do something new and different and even profit from your ideas if they are materialised into products and services.

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You’ve got ideas. What to do with them?

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Not all ideas are equal. You’ve come up with an idea that you think is brilliant. You may have several ideas bubbling in your head or staring at you in your notebook. You might have used idea-generation tools and solo brainstormed perhaps 100 ideas.

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What tools do you have in your ideas toolbox? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you had to flee your country in the dead of the night to make a new life elsewhere, what idea generation techniques would you want to have with you?

I suppose I’ve been thinking about that question not because I feel under threat in the country am living in but because the question sharply focuses on which idea generation tools haved worked so effectively for me and others.

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