Where do you find the right information to start something of your own?

IMG-20150711-00694It has taken my daughter almost 9 years before she has been able to study again because of an illness that struck shortly after she left high school. We spent many hours probing into her interests and eventually came up with a clear idea of what she was passionate about. Then we started a search for an educational institution that would provide the necessary training. After much searching online, we discovered a vocational college, believe it or not, in our local neighbourhood that provides the necessary courses part-time and on Saturday mornings. The college is also supported by industry and strives for quality, which is evident in everything that they do. My daughter has been enjoying the course, has stuck with it and we hope to see her graduating. Continue reading “Where do you find the right information to start something of your own?”

Recording tools for capturing ideas on the run

English: Olympus Digital Voice Recorder
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Ideas have the potential to energise, enrich and even change our lives.

The unlimited treasure of the human imagination has the capacity to transform lives, to create new possibilities for working, living and playing. When we actively engage in producing ideas we begin to awaken within us thoughts from our unconscious. These thoughts may come to us in fragments, brief flashes of inspiration or in whole images that provide an almost perfect or complete blueprint for the way forward. Continue reading “Recording tools for capturing ideas on the run”