What to do when your business idea fails

Terminal decay. Photograph by Chesney Bradshaw.

A small business owner in a radio soapie sunk all his money into a new business idea – ice cream making – and suddenly found out that the product was being rejected by customers. He found himself in deep trouble, desperate about what to do next.

In this economy, many small business owners are facing the same challenge. They have invested all their money into a new business and it isn’t turning out as expected. Before long they realise that all the money that they sunk into their business idea has come to naught. Continue reading “What to do when your business idea fails”

Why you absolutely must innovate in a recession

Source: wikimedia commons
Source: wikimedia commons

What if I could write down a bunch of ideas for you on a piece of paper that would:

1) Get you more sales for your business in a recession
2) Increase your profits comfortably over your previous year
3) Cut the worry about your business you have most nights

Would you be interested?

Of course you would. And I’d be just as interested to see the look on your face.

But here’s the thing: Continue reading “Why you absolutely must innovate in a recession”