How far ahead of your customers should you be?

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Knowing your potential customers not only means understanding and researching their demographics and psychographics but also being aware of the innovation adoption life-cycle. Simply put, if you intend to enter a market place with a new idea for a product or service you should have an understanding of how rapidly your customers may or may not take to something new.

If you get in too early, you may wait a long time before you make sales, if any. Enter the market too late and you may have missed the boat. Understanding market timing can help you with your decision-making. Continue reading “How far ahead of your customers should you be?”

One secret to how innovators come up with brilliant ideas

Sound Ideas
Sound Ideas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A study of innovators – people who come up with brilliant, game-changing ideas – found that the skills of associating, questioning, observing, experimenting and discovering makes the difference. Although it’s implied in questioning and perhaps observing, I would add listening as a key skill.

Innovators put together ideas and information in unique combinations. They connect or link information and observation in new ways.

They act differently which means that they observe actively, make contact with people they wouldn’t normally talk to and improve their questioning skills. Continue reading “One secret to how innovators come up with brilliant ideas”