Business owners with new ideas – better check this out

Shower (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Ideas you have in the shower are rarely what the market wants.” – Quote from a discussion on entrepreneurs

Should those ideas that pop into your head while in the shower, driving to work in the morning or listening to your favourite music on your iPod be so easily dismissed as the quote implies?

The answer is probably yes if you decide to take your white-hot idea from the shower straight to a cut-throat market even if it’s some unlikely tucked away niche. Continue reading “Business owners with new ideas – better check this out”

Innovation in the media – too little too late?

Tabloid Tycoon
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Visiting the city of Cape Town I was surprised to see its afternoon newspaper transformed into a tabloid after packaging itself for 155 years in broadsheet format.

The maiden editorial shouted “Here’s the future” with loud protestations that the newspaper would not become a frothy “tabloid” but a sober “compact”.

Yet you had to thumb through a feature lead story on the front page and several more feature pages until you came across a few news bites tucked deep inside the middle.

Mainstream, traditional media are in a frenzy to innovate because they are bleeding from online media. Today’s wired generation has a short attention span and is addicted to social media. Even companies are battling to know their shareholders, who buy online and are shareholders for as little as 24 hours.

Why is all this important to small business people? How does it relate to the business? I’ll come to that in a moment. Continue reading “Innovation in the media – too little too late?”