No short cuts to commercialising a new idea – but this tool shows you the way

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Governments struggling to encourage jobs look to small- and medium-size businesses to be job creators in their countries. But little or absolutely nothing is done. Some may have small business agencies run by – yes, you guessed it – government officials who have never started a business in their lives. Sharp operators sell governments business incubator snake oil and fill their bank accounts with millions for “training” entrepreneurs.

None of this sham boosts small business numbers to a level where sizeable job creation takes place. What really is needed is an understanding of who is motivated enough to take their own business ideas and transform them into products and services. Continue reading “No short cuts to commercialising a new idea – but this tool shows you the way”

From idea to product – make it easy on yourself

Growth emerges from small beginningsIn 1996 McDonald’s introduced its more sophisticated Arch Deluxe burger which was marketed as a “burger with grown-up taste”. The burger came with peppercorn bacon, served on a potato flour sesame seed bun, with lettuce, onion, tomato, cheese and a secret mustard and mayonnaise sauce.

The $100 million ad campaign flopped. Why? Most people go to McDonald’s for a quick bite – a tummy filler. They don’t see McDonalds as a purveyor of gourmet meals.

Examples like this go on and on. Many large companies have suffered new product failures – just think of Apple, Pepsi, Coke and the motor vehicle companies. Continue reading “From idea to product – make it easy on yourself”