How valuable is your service?

IMG-20150405-00380These days small businesses rely on other small businesses, freelancers or solopreneurs to provide them with services so they can grow their business.

Pricing your service and estimating the time that it will take are crucial elements in any offer you make.

Shrewd business owners in this economy want to put you on a retainer rather than accept your offer to price jobs or projects separately. The reason for this is simply that they can sqeeze as much out of you as possible for a fixed price. Continue reading “How valuable is your service?”

Mountain biker discovers new nut-butter idea – could you pull off something similar?

Peanut butter is a semi-solid and can therefor...
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Enthusiastic mountain biker Justin Gold battled to find healthy snacks to provide him with protein and energy but after experimenting with different foods he began grinding almonds and peanuts using a simple food processor at home.

In a few years Justin’s nut-butter company has grown to include 40 employees that brings in more than $50 million in annual revenues. They sell peanut-almond and other nut-based snacks. Continue reading “Mountain biker discovers new nut-butter idea – could you pull off something similar?”

After enduring much trauma, this small business owner finally made a personal breakthrough

BOOK 2 FLAT jpg croppedI was talking to John, a small business owner a few weeks ago. He told me how desperate he had been for a personal breakthrough in his life.

He ran a factory with his brother but it was over when the Asian imports destroyed their market. He moved cities and thought that he could trade similar products, importing them from different markets overseas. On one of these shipments, a full container load, which he had financed himself, was hit by a sudden drop in the volatile local currency. He had not taken forward cover on the currency. He was devastated.

John is not a quitter. Over the next few weeks he began to plan for his future. An image began to form in his mind. He realised that the idea that he had for a new business is what he wanted to do. He would start a small takeaway and restaurant business but keep it to a size where if things went wrong he wouldn’t be over his head. Continue reading “After enduring much trauma, this small business owner finally made a personal breakthrough”

Why can’t you start your own business this year?

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With all the gloomy news around, negative talk and depressing thoughts one can easily and quickly slide into a blue funk and not recognise the opportunities that others don’t see.

It would be foolish to open a business in the eye of an economic storm. But recessionary times do provide opportunities that others may not see.

I’m not saying you have to be hard on yourself or anything like that. Force yourself to come up with ideas to start a new business. No, not at all. But it may be an opportune time to look around, see where others are making mistakes or serve customers better than they are presently being catered for. Continue reading “Why can’t you start your own business this year?”