Launch a good enough product, and then spend time perfecting it. How true is this?

Well, it depends. If, for example, you have a low-risk business proposition – say a small kitchen-table service business – then you can start up and refine it as you go along.

You hear this advice all the time. Start something, anything, and get it out to market. But how realistic is this? Continue reading “Launch a good enough product, and then spend time perfecting it. How true is this?”

What happens when ideas just won’t come?

Luminous Idea
Luminous Idea (Photo credit: Tiago Daniel)

I’ve got a problem I just can’t seem to solve. I have been at it for some time but there is no clear-cut solution. Nothing seems to work. I’ve used various idea-generation techniques (attribute listing, mind maps or think bubbles, the 20-Idea Method) but alas no simple solution. I’ve discussed the challenge with people and researched the Internet but I’m still waiting to connect the dots.

I don’t think it’s because the idea-generation techniques in themselves are not working. I’ve just come up against a massive challenge that has no easy solution. It’s not as bad as something like Rittel’s wicked problems because I can at least find that but it’s wickedly difficult to solve. Continue reading “What happens when ideas just won’t come?”

Break this brainstorming rule and better ideas explode

Brainstorm (Photo credit: TheImageGroup)

Innovation is about challenging even long-standing, tried and tested or cherished beliefs. But are we really prepared to throw out the window what we know and try something new?

Take brainstorming. For years brainstorming meetings have been held where there are grave warnings that no criticism is allowed. The no-criticism rule has been sacrosanct to encourage participants to open up and offer their ideas in a friendly atmosphere.

Well, researchers have turned this long-held belief on its head. They’ve introduced debate and criticism into experimental groups and found that debate provides unpredictability that fosters or produces more and better quality ideas. Continue reading “Break this brainstorming rule and better ideas explode”