How to heat revenues in the cold months

Ah, the pudding. Months in the making. Finally...
Christmas in Winter – pumping winter sales (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last night I enjoyed a “Christmas” dinner in July at a local restaurant called Hodges in Johannesburg. It’s the first time I’ve been to a Christmas dinner in winter and here in South Africa it seems to make sense because the weather is usually so hot on 25 December.

In summer a full traditional Christmas dinner is too heavy. That’s why a lot of South Africans eat their Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve and have something lighter on Christmas Day or make a braai (barbecue). Continue reading “How to heat revenues in the cold months”

Direct sales by local farmers can help slay yucky-tasting greens

I have a big problem with vegetables that I eat in restaurants – and that’s if you can find them anyway. The restaurants I go to – and these are nothing fancy let me assure you – are really a mixed bag when it comes to vegetables.

Most of them have no vegetables on their menu – can you believe it? Now I’m not talking about salads. I’m talking about real vegetables such as carrots, green beans pumpkin and so on. Another chain restaurant serves its “vegetables” but they are heavily spiked with sugar and cream sauce (if I really wanted to eat flour I would ask for it). Others drown their “roasted” vegetables in so much heavy oil that you wonder the impact on the environment let alone your stomach. Continue reading “Direct sales by local farmers can help slay yucky-tasting greens”