How to craft a persuasive sales presentation

English: 9 of hearts.
English: 9 of hearts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The most persuasive sales argument is the one that is already in the mind or heart of your prospective customer.

Remember that when you’re selling your new product or service that you’ve developed from idea to reality, you may find yourself in selling situations in a car park, showroom floor, boardroom or even restaurant. In these dynamic environments selling is oral and needs to be clear, fast and real. There is no time for flipping through flashcards or checking your cellphone. It’s all got to be in your head.

Sales trainers will show you how to find persuasion sales argument by anticipating 20 objections, using syllogisms and enthymemes and the four-stroke method but although these are interesting as someone new to selling its best to follow the simple methods. Continue reading “How to craft a persuasive sales presentation”