Man with mental disability finds meaning through satisfying occupation

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A middle-aged man who has suffered from a bipolar condition for many years has found meaning and satisfaction in a job suited to his temperament.

For reasons of privacy the man’s name cannot be disclosed. His bipolar condition struck while he was attending university. Some time later he was able to consider what he would do as a profession. He became a sales representative for a cleaning materials manufacturer.

He has built up a strong customer base, selling to restaurants and other small businesses that require cleaning materials. He is proud of his weekly sales success and is always keenly planning his sales calls and doing his bookkeeping on weekends and ordering stock on Mondays.

Selling, one of the oldest professions, can be suited to people with mental disabilities. It requires empathy with customers and negotiation skills. Own transport is important but when the man with bipolar needs to make sales calls outside of the suburb where he lives and serves customers, then one of his parents takes him on his sales calls. He has a driving licence but because of his attention span, he prefers not to do regular driving. Sometimes when his parents are unavailable, he uses the Uber taxi service.

Even though this man with bipolar suffered severe disappointment of not being able to complete his in-residence University studies, he obtained his BComm Degree through the correspondence from the University of South Africa (UNISA).

Please remember that this type of work is best suited for someone with a mental condition who has a relatively high level of functioning. Low and medium functioning people with mental disabilities, may find it difficult or too challenging.

Should you be interested in finding meaningful opportunities for your child or a relative, please get yourself onto the email list for a special report (at no cost) that will be made available in the future. The report will cover a range of employment possibilities to support parents and other caregivers in dealing deal with this challenging issue in the lives of their loved ones who suffer from mental disabilities.

The report will cover 10 years of experience as a caregiver of a mentally disabled person and interactions with others and their experiences in finding meaningful work.

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