The biggest start-up mistake. Believing creativity is enough

Spinning candy floss
Spinning candy floss (Photo: wikipedia

Start-ups come up with brilliant new ideas but they fail on execution. Take “WeTeachMe”, a course platform, which attracted no clients after 12 months. Living off savings the small team were ready to throw in the towel.

The problem with creativity is that ideas are merely ideas. It’s only when ideas are put into action or implemented that you can know if they will be successful or not.

This is why people can get so confused in brainstorming meetings. Those clever individuals who use their flashes of brilliance to communicate their superiority to their bosses in the room never actually implement the ideas. Their creative ideas that seem so impressive in the moment melt like candy floss when exposed to the real-world reality of business.

There’s a group of people, consultants and business writers who have never run their own small business who’ll con you into believing that you’re just one good idea away from making a million. Continue reading “The biggest start-up mistake. Believing creativity is enough”