Your customers quickly pick up whether what you say about your sustainability practices are true or not

Environmentally Friendly printed folders
Environmentally Friendly printed folders or are they? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A well-known brand of rolled oats is labelled “bio-friendly” and “GMO Free” but when you look at the packaging there is no proof or certification for these claims. A large fruit and vegetable chain advertisers “organic” vegetables in its spectacular display area but again all we can do is to trust in what they say. An award-winning supermarket outlet has point-of-sale information that declares its sustainable practices yet I have been trying to get them to stock paper cups instead of polystyrene for almost a year now without success.

Customers are flooded with messages about eco-friendly products and sustainable practices. The low-information consumer may not be bothered with these claims but customers today come in many shades of green and may challenge your message. Continue reading “Your customers quickly pick up whether what you say about your sustainability practices are true or not”

What benefits does sustainability hold for your business?

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Energy efficient light fixture  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sustainable products, practices and processes are growing in the marketplace but what benefits are there for smaller businesses that haven’t yet taken advantage of the green movement?

Small-scale farmers and food producers are now supplying more than 30 local food markets in the country. Entrepreneurs are innovating products from natural pesticides and eco-friendly detergents to water purification devices, personal care products, organically produced cosmetics and energy efficient solutions.

More innovations are in the making with products offering better performance than their “brown” predecessors. Green products work better, are healthier, less toxic, taste better and save time and money. Gone are the slow-moving health foods made by hippies, lentil heads and tree huggers that gather dust on supermarket and health food store shelves. Now we are seeing low-flow toilets, energy-efficient windows, eco-friendly lawns and gardens, furniture made with sustainable materials, hi-efficiency solar panels, environmentally-friendly carpets and water-saving showerheads. Continue reading “What benefits does sustainability hold for your business?”