Barbie becomes an entrepreneur in this economy

BarbieOver many years Barbie, that cute little doll, has taken on many roles. She’s worked at “pink-collar” occupations such as candy-stripper, ballerina, aerobics instructor, nurse, flight attendant and model. Barbie has been a doctor and various kinds of chefs including a cookie chef, sweet chef, pancake chef, pastry chef and pizza chef.

In this tough economy, Barbie has become an entrepreneur. The Washington Post reports that Entrepreneur Barbie is clad in a tight, hot-pink dress and sky-high black heels. She carries a patent-leather briefcase, pink clutch and what seems to be a knock-off iPhone and iPad. She comes with her coterie of “Chief Inspiration Offices” and has served own hashtag #unapologetic. Continue reading “Barbie becomes an entrepreneur in this economy”