The smartest way to cash in on your blockbuster idea

Business-Idea-Clinic-300x289I was sitting outside in the garden on a sunny summer morning watching a Loerie bird perched in a tall Jacaranda tree when I heard my cell phone ring from inside the house.

The call was from John Brown (I can’t say his real name because of client confidentiality) who said he had a new idea that would make a lot of money. Would I help?

We got together three days later. John’s main business was slowing down. He had lost a large overseas customer. His personal costs had risen because he had bought a new house, had sent his two children to good schools and had taken on a new young employee.

John’s story, his motivation for coming up with his money-making idea, is similar to most other people. The trigger is often a change in personal circumstances. Continue reading “The smartest way to cash in on your blockbuster idea”