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Business-Idea-Clinic-300x289I was sitting outside in the garden on a sunny summer morning watching a Loerie bird perched in a tall Jacaranda tree when I heard my cell phone ring from inside the house.

The call was from John Brown (I can’t say his real name because of client confidentiality) who said he had a new idea that would make a lot of money. Would I help?

We got together three days later. John’s main business was slowing down. He had lost a large overseas customer. His personal costs had risen because he had bought a new house, had sent his two children to good schools and had taken on a new young employee.

John’s story, his motivation for coming up with his money-making idea, is similar to most other people. The trigger is often a change in personal circumstances.

It could be a young person who has only been able to find a low-paying job because his or her parents have forced him or her out of the house. He or she has come up with an idea to earn extra income on the side.

Then there are people like John who are in midlife, at the early stages of building a family and the costs are mounting. They know that starting something new can be risky and want to do their homework before they leap into a new venture even though it may be a sideline venture.

Another kind of person I come across more these days is someone who wants a life-style business. Something that gives them the freedom to work the hours they want, to not drive two hours in the traffic every day Monday to Friday and have time to experience and enjoy their life while they can.

Other successful men and women have worked long and hard over many years and now want to run a business of the own. A coffee shop. A bed and breakfast at the coast. A select line of honey and milk hand, body and face lotions (a small business which a friendly and innovative couple run in Cape Town).

Which one of these people is you? Do you have deep down inside of you an unrealised potential that you have been hiding from others? Some idea for a product or service that could give you what you’ve always wanted but have been too scared to think seriously about?

I’m not saying it’s easy to pull off a new product, service or business. You may not want to sell your idea to another company to develop and produce it. So you’ll need to sell yourself and your idea. You will need a detailed idea-to-business plan and a very concrete business idea.

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