The biggest mistake I made with my early ideas (what’s yours?)

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I recently went through some notes I had clipped together in an A4 folder, looking back at the origins of Idea Accelerator. These notes went back many years. They were filled with plans, goals and new business ideas.

You’re not supposed to have regrets but I couldn’t help noticing the things I didn’t action soon enough. The ideas that took sometimes years to get off the ground.

What had gone wrong? Why couldn’t I see my own shortcomings and have done something about them? What was the one single obstacle that had held me back?

I had good business ideas but in some cases it took me years to implement them. If only I could have brought them to life sooner…

My problem was simply this:

I lacked self-confidence.

It seems too simple but that’s really what it was.

Lack of self-confidence is a slippery thing.

It robs you from getting started. Steals your chance at happiness. Sucks your natural vitality you possess as a human being.

I allowed it to do all these things and only have myself to blame.

It’s painful to admit my failures.

Lack of self-confidence prevented me from clearly picturing my goals (and giving them deadlines).

My emotional breakthrough after I had reached a rock bottom of unhappiness came from outside of myself…

… as it always does when we can’t solve problems at our same level of thinking.

A long-time friend who had trained me at night in small business skills and entrepreneurship called me to see how I was doing. I told him I was extremely unhappy. We had a long chat and he recommended two books with strange titles. Stuff I’d normally never read.

From that humble beginning I began to see things differently. It was difficult at first letting go long-held beliefs and replacing them with new ones. Lowering self-imposed limits. Learning how to eliminate resistance. Living with creativity, optimism and possibility.

What is holding you back from getting your promising income-making idea off the ground? Have you faced up to your biggest mistake that is preventing you from reaching your full potential?

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