The secret ingredient in a new venture is you

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Barber Shop and Computer Service, Joe Slovo Park, Cape Town, South Africa (Source: Wiki media commons- Vgrigas)
Barber Shop and Computer Service, Joe Slovo Park, Cape Town, South Africa (Source: Wiki media commons- Vgrigas)

A small business owner in a town sells pet food and accessories. The business has been running for a number of years, raking in a comfortable income.

Do you think this business person needs new ideas and innovation to bring in higher sales?

It depends. But in most cases the town-based main street business chugs along perhaps supporting him or herself and in rare instances enables his/her partner not to work.

This is the small business where new ideas, innovation and radical redesign seem like something foreign, airy fairy and even scary. Yet when this town-based, supply-store type business comes under sudden threat, the owner will experience tense, overwhelming insomnia-inflicting fear.

What could bring on this panic attack?

A new fierce competitor. A drastic change in customer base. A new landlord who is demanding double rental rates.

Now this town-based, supply-store business owner’s fear would pale in the face of the start-up entrepreneur building a business from scratch. Especially would-be business owners who are staking their future on a one-product or service offering. They have to think through their financing, distribution, advertising and selling.

It makes one think why anyone would try to come up with their own new product or service, starting a new venture from scratch. Often there is no help from government, banks, family, friends. You’ve got to go it alone.

The small business adviser and small business entrepreneur magazines would make you think it’s easy. That’s because their editorials and advertising are aimed at promoting franchising and biz-op kits that are self-self-perpetuating.

Ultimately the start-up, small business owner or would-be entrepreneur needs to be confident in their ability to succeed, willing to take risks and manage them, work hard without reward for long periods, be patient as an eagle stalking its prey and be ever ready to sniff out and scratch for opportunities like a meerkat scavenging insects and other tasty morsels.

The key ingredient in a startup is not only a brilliant idea but you – the motor or engine that can propel you through rough waters and stormy seas.

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