The smartest way to cash in on your blockbuster idea

Business-Idea-Clinic-300x289I was sitting outside in the garden on a sunny summer morning watching a Loerie bird perched in a tall Jacaranda tree when I heard my cell phone ring from inside the house.

The call was from John Brown (I can’t say his real name because of client confidentiality) who said he had a new idea that would make a lot of money. Would I help?

We got together three days later. John’s main business was slowing down. He had lost a large overseas customer. His personal costs had risen because he had bought a new house, had sent his two children to good schools and had taken on a new young employee.

John’s story, his motivation for coming up with his money-making idea, is similar to most other people. The trigger is often a change in personal circumstances. Continue reading “The smartest way to cash in on your blockbuster idea”

Business lessons from the Kalahari bushveld

"Kiekie", an alert meerkat from the Namib desert.
“Kiekie”, an alert meerkat from the Namib desert, may surprise you with his unusual habits. But he’s a friendly little critter with his kryptonite being delicious-tasting scorpions

Travelling is a brilliant opportunity for seeing new places, people – and spotting new ideas. On a recent journey through Botswana and Namibia along the Trans-Kalahari Highway to the far-off coastal town of Swakopmund I discovered a few important life and business lessons at stop-overs along the way:

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