Have you ever longed to do business under the radar?

BatmanWhat is an under-the-radar business? It’s not a business that does dubious activity but rather a business that is not out there in the gaze of the public eye.

For a fictional example think of Wayne Enterprises, the corporation owned by Bruce Wayne which is tucked away manufacturing special gadgets such as Bat Poles, Batarang rang, Bat Sleep Gas, Bat Rope and Bat-analyst. This is just a tiny list of the numerous gadgets that are produced by the The Wayne Foundation which helps the Caped Crusader fight crime and criminals. Continue reading “Have you ever longed to do business under the radar?”

Your doodles could reveal your entrepreneurial qualities

English: Fish seller in Kalk Bay, Cape Peninsu...
Fish seller in Kalk Bay, Cape Peninsula, South Africa Deutsch: Fischverkäuferinnen in Kalk Bay, Kap-Halbinsel, Südafrika (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Your doodle can say a lot about your noodle. Handwriting experts say there is much more to casual scribbling than simple boredom. What you doodle about shows hidden signs to your personality and moods.

Circles symbolise harmony and union; boats depending on size tell you if your emotions are tranquil or turbulent. Faces say you are a people person; hearts reflect love and romance; boxes may suggest a self-controlled and perhaps controlling nature, flowers, especially when drawn with round shapes, show warmth, sensitivity and vulnerability; and stick figures show intelligence and analytical minds. Continue reading “Your doodles could reveal your entrepreneurial qualities”

Why would these businesses be forced operate under the radar?

Shadows in the sand Photographer': ''thesaint'' a.k.a Matthew Bowden
Shadows in the sand – Photographer’: ”thesaint” a.k.a Matthew Bowden

A business person comes up with a new product or service and then needs to manage execution risk to ensure the new venture’s success.

The business advertises its location, its products or services in an open way hoping to make as many people as possible aware of its existence.

But in increasingly life-threatening environments, the traditional way of running a business is being replaced by unconventional ways to stay below the radar or operate in the shadows. Continue reading “Why would these businesses be forced operate under the radar?”