Writing courses for professionals in science, medicine, engineering, law and accounting

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106-page Guide to Better Business Writing Guide for the Business Writing Course

The Business Writing Academy offers the following specialist courses in addition to the popular Better Business Writing Skills Training Course:

  • Scientists Should Write More. A course to assist scientists to write to present their discoveries, write proposals for funding, project reports, theses and papers for publication and giving short talk or presentations.
  • Effective Writing for Medical and Healthcare Professionals. Course covers submission to medical or scientific journals, writing for the public (in print and social media) and writing grant proposals.
  • Writing skills for engineers and technicians. Engineers write extensively in their jobs and this course helps their writing to be professional, reader-focused, concise and readily understandable when communicating with various levels in an organisation.
  • Business writing for professionals: lawyers, accountants and financial managers. Professionals are equipped with writing strategies for a variety of documents whether clients, colleagues, taxpayers; government departments, laypeople or experts to write clearly and succinctly to convey their messages. The course covers logical, easy-to-implement approaches to spend less time writing and editing and more time doing client work.