7 key things to do to clear your world of conspiracy theorists and activists

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It’s amazing how some people can become conspiracy theory activists almost overnight.

One caveat here is that I’m not going to give conspiracy theory activists a soft time. And this is the key thing. Most of us, well let me speak for myself, I have so much trouble in my life that I have to deal with daily that I’ve got no time to read people’s posts and links they send me on WhatsApp about conspiracy theories.

Conspiracy theories are boring.

I mean, I’m tired of American politics, what’s happening in Europe, vegetarianism, gender issues, takeovers by foreign nations, world economic demons, COVID vaccination and health problems.

Aren’t you tired of all this too, or do you lap it up?

Okay, let’s get on with the list.

1 Show your disinterest
When someone tells you about the Big Pharma conspiracy, for example, learn to nod your head, but don’t ask any questions or agree with anything. Use this for most conspiracies.

2 Be careful who you give your cell phone number to
You know, you give your cell phone number to somebody thinking that they are a good acquaintance and then suddenly you get conspiracy messages all day long and even into the night. It puts you in a difficult position because how do you stop these messages? Do you block the person entirely and even delete them from your WhatsApp? I don’t have the best advice here, but do what you can to stop these conspiracy theory activists sending you stuff.

3 Ignore WhatsApp messages from acquaintances
I don’t give them thumbs up or ticks or comment on any activist messages. Silence or inaction is the best policy.

4 Avoid scrounging the internet and social media gutters
Avoid looking in the filthy gutters of the internet and creepy side alleys of social media.

?5 Keep your tongue tied
Simple advice — just avoid egging them on. A topic the other evening was on COVID vaccination health issues such as blood clotting. Now, look, you might be a good conversationalist and I don’t begrudge anyone getting into the fray and saying their piece, but another way of ending it is to tie your tongue, nod, and wait till the topic passes, which it will.

6 Unsubscribe
Emailers who send me conspiracy shite get quickly unsubscribed. It’s as simple as that.

6 Humour alien? conspiracists
Funny how aliens all rock up in America and not in other countries. One acquaintance speaks every time about alien invasions and theories. Gentle humour eventually steers the conversation elsewhere.

7 Get some good sleep
None of this conspiracy stuff is going to harm you. There are more problems on the street in your community that are threatening. Just the other night here in the Cape, a car was broken into and two men were holding knives. Crime is all around us. You could be killed by methamphetamine addicts on a rampage, an orgy of criminality deadlier ??than any conspiracy.

Well, that’s my biased seven ways to avoid conspiracy theorists and activists. Let them damage themselves. A cautionary: one person became so obsessed with vegetarianism that she sold up everything and went all over the country working in animal shelters for free.

The choice is yours.

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Let’s shift the shite away from what really matters.?

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