A five-finger exercise for business writing

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Photo by jasmin chew: https://www.pexels.com

I was down on the beach this morning and I experienced the smell of suntan lotion on tanned bodies. Further on, the aroma of French fries drifted across in the breeze. As I walked along the beach, the salty air filled my nostrils fresh from the ocean breeze

It’s amazing how your different senses bring you sweet sensations. Some of these sensations come from smell. They remind you of summer’s past, being on the beach, having fun and watching other people having fun.

We all have five senses. The sense of smell, taste, touch, feeling, and sight.

Sense sensations are used more in fiction writing and especially poetry. But use of the senses is found in non-fiction writing such as magazine articles and long-form non-fiction.

Too often we rely on logic in business using abstract words and sight.

As a business writer of any document, whether it’s an email, letter, CV, report, or web content, we need to use our senses more to captivate and enthrall our readers.

Now this brings me to an important business message.

If you want your business documents to be filled with sensations that enthrall your reader, contact me via email and I can help. If you don’t have my email address, simply subscribe on my website. You may also have a lot of business writing on your plate and may need documents written for you. I can do that also. Just send me an email with a short description of what needs to be done and I’ll get back to you.

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