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After a long six-day week, I went down to the beach this afternoon for a swim. The sun was still warm, and surprisingly, despite the strong south east wind, the air was warm too. I was delighted that the seawater was extremely warm. It was one of the warmest times I’ve had swimming in the sea this summer.

It was lovely standing there after I came out of the water, feeling the sun on my back, the warm wind blowing against my face and my back feeling warm from the sun.

Have you ever been in a room full of people, but you feel utterly lonely?

It happened to me some time back when I was in a room full of strangers. All I experienced were polite greetings and small talk. Suddenly I wanted to get out of there and go home. I knew I would feel ?less lonely being on my own.

What a difference it makes to go somewhere and the people are friendly and warm. Conversation flows. It gets so enjoyable that you don’t want to leave. People are interested in you and you are interested in what they have to say.

Sometimes you read what others have written and their writing feels cold and soulless. It’s almost as though a robot wrote for them.

But what a difference it makes when somebody who writes well can make you feel warm, invited, and leads you into their world in a friendly way.

A warm person in real life won’t necessarily be able to exude that warmth in their writing unless they have been trained to do so. Some may have struggled by themselves to write in a warm way.

Writing with warmth is not appropriate for every occasion, but there are times when warmth in your writing may help you win a friend, gain a customer, or even make someone happy.

If you’d like to add more warmth to your writing, which will help you become more likeable when you write, then let me know.

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