Are you barred from doing business?

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A footpath in England. Photograph by Chesney Bradshaw

On Sunday morning I went to have a look at marathon runners near the finish line.

The faces of the marathon runners showed focus, tiredness and agony.

It’s interesting that this marathon race is open to everyone.

No one is there to exclude you from the race.

Someone is not behind-the-scenes to work you out.

There’s no agenda to put up barriers so you cannot enter.

In the spirit of ancient Greece, humanity and equality, everyone is open to compete in this marathon.

Some of the marathon runners were already walking back to their cars, one with a gold medal around his neck, another with a silver and yet another with a bronze.

These marathon runners had a purpose – to complete the race in the fastest possible time.

But what about the thousands of others who were running and some walking to complete the race?

Some did it just to prove to themselves that they could complete the marathon.

There were others who wanted to improve on their previous times.

Others did it for the camaraderie staying in a closed-knit group, encouraging each other to finish the race.

Many ran for charity. They had a higher purpose to benefit the poor and the disabled.

If you look at it, everyone had a purpose.

Only each individual‘s purpose was different.

The same applies in business. You might come up with a new business idea, new method, new service and put it out on the market. Your business might not be a gold medal winner but it may provide you with a livelihood. It may also prove to yourself that you can do it, that you can achieve freedom and independence.

Other business people may be like those medal-winning who start out small but want to create something big – a company with several branches, a business that creates employment or helps small groups of people.

Everyone can enter the business race.

But let’s be realistic, there are agendas and barriers to entry.

There are those who don’t want you to succeed.

They want to take away the fruits of your hard-earned labour.

You have little or no protection against these dominant forces except for your own ingenuity, perseverance and success.

No one can take that away from you.

No one can come and steal it from you in the night.

No one can work you out.

Your skills, talents and entrepreneurial abilities are among your most precious assets to compete in business.

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