Be careful of the words you use, you may put potential customers off

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Photo by Jimmy Chan

Musicians like Meatloaf are dramatic in their rock music. Many people enjoy this, but others are put off.

Other musicians, quieter in their music, such as Joni Mitchell and Paul Simon, have a huge following. Many people enjoy this more subtle approach.

These days you find proposals that beat the drum so hard that you’re not sure whether they are credible.

Remember infomercials? They may seem outdated. But they’re not. The infomercial video has proliferated. The presenters come on video platforms with an urgent tone, imploring you to watch because there will be some benefit for you. Many people are put off by this kind of hard sell and just don’t watch them.

Others make softer proposals that show beautiful pictures, have little text, and create a desire in their customers’ minds. Many people opt for this kind of approach.

You need to watch the words that you use in any email or business proposal. Some words sell, other words turn off potential buyers.

But it’s not just words. It’s your whole approach.

What do your potential customers want from you and how do they want you to put it across to them?

Presenting the right approach is difficult, whether it’s in an email or a business proposal. 

It’s something that you need to judge. If you know your customers, then you’ll be at an advantage.

I help business people with knowing how to approach their customers in business writing. It could be an email, a business proposal, or any other written communication. 

Some enjoy one-on-one advice for a specific business proposal or series of emails, while others first want to do my series of 20-minute lessons. These mini-lessons show them the basics.

Contact me today and let me know your requirements, whether for training or specific advice for an email or business proposal, and I’ll send you a quote.

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