Beware people who are looking for your weak spot in a society of Screw-You

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This post is about people who look for your weak spot so that they can exploit you. If you haven’t graduated from the University of Screw-You, you need to be careful.

I wish I had the foresight to see screw-you events before they occur.

The unfortunate thing is that the only real insight you get is from life and business experience. But this is painstaking and takes long.

I’m not talking about people in power here. We’ve seen how power corrupts and completely, especially in the case of South Africa. It is now a corrupt degenerating racist regime.

Sadly, big business is out to screw you too. Look at the cost of pharmaceuticals. See how medical aid schemes (and they are schemes) are greedy beyond belief, raising prices stratospherically. Don’t have sympathy for medical professionals such as doctors, dentists and specialist. Think how much they are charging to support their lavish lifestyles with their massive luxury homes (and several of them) and luxury cars (several too).

Screw-You is a society of greed.

People from all walks of life are out to find the weakest link. People you trust. People whom you expect should know the difference between right and wrong.

These people include professionals, semiprofessionals and sales people.

If they see that you have the key to them getting money or getting their money sooner, they will try to exploit you.

It really doesn’t matter whether you’ve known them for a long time or only recently because if they see the gap they will take it.

It’s instructive to look at where the possible pressure points are coming from. It’s usually about people who want the money and want it quickly.

The main thing is to determine in any situation what is right and what is wrong. Make no mistake right always is justified.

The next thing is to determine the pluses and minuses in a situation. Quite simply, if there are too many minuses, it’s best to walk away or try to get out of the deal.

It’s best not to overcomplicate especially in a society of Screw-You.

Watch out for intimidation. As soon as you detect intimidation, you know the other side is forcing their interests at the expense of yours.

If it gets out of control, possibly your only way out is to get legal advice. Yes, it will cost you money but in the long run it will save you a lot more.

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