Business writing tip – Can you just wing it all the time with your business writing?

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Quickly writing an email and pressing the send button is writing without pre-thought. The same goes for responding to emails and other correspondence.

But how much pre-thinking is required in business writing?

Let’s put it this way, if you don’t prepare you will more often than not miss your objective in your work or business.

Business writing follows a distinct process from preparation to final draft whether you are planning emails, business letters or short reports.

Each step in the writing process gives you an opportunity to make your message clear so that it can be easily understood and to increase its impact.

The Better Business Writing course, introduced by the Business Writing Academy, and now available on, shows you in a short lesson how to go about planning your business writing.

The course aims to help business people improve their writing in today’s fast-paced digital communications with low attention spans.

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Chesney Bradshaw has more than 30 years business experience in commerce and industry including business writing, producing magazines, writing coaching, corporate communications and sustainability management.

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