Coaching and training makes a huge difference whether in sport or business

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Photo by Helloquence on Unsplash

When all is said and done about the sheer brilliance of the Springbok performance in Japan, one reflects on the astounding coaching and training that the team experienced.

Coaching and training is important whatever form it takes. If you want to succeed in your small business or startup somewhere along the line you may well need to do training. You need to carefully selected a coach who can give you the relevant hands-on training.

The best experience of any business situation is to have hands-on involvement in a going concern. But there are things that you need to know that you might not pick up through experiential learning. 

A training course often covers too much ground but that ground prepares you for later on as your experience curve rises. Some of the areas where I have found it important to receive training is in small business management and business planning as well as in other specific fields such as business continuity, sustainability, health and safety, environmental regulation and business writing. 

This training has been valuable because it has allowed me to proceed with confidence in these specialised areas.

There is one thing about training that is so important and it is that once you have received training it stays with you – it’s your asset. When people walk out of the door of companies and businesses they take their skills with them. They can then market their skills wherever they want. They can also use their skills to start something of their own.

The question, of course, of costs always comes up. Training isn’t necessarily cheap. But what is cheap these days. It takes hundreds of hours to put together a training course and costs time and money to deliver the training. Just make sure that when you want to purchase training you do your homework and find the best training that is available for you.

Something to watch out for when you receive training is that after it’s finished you need to put it into practice as soon as you can. Training that is not put into practice can, of course, be a waste of money. You need the motivation to put into practice what you have learnt. 

Then after you’ve put your training into practice make sure you spend time reviewing how things are going. Periodic reviews of your progress will enable you to get more than your money’s worth from the training you received.

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