Complexity good for idea generation?

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Complexity and growth in nature. Photo by Aldino Hartan Putra on Unsplash

Some interesting research has recently been done by scientists that shows optimum levels of brain activity can be achieved through complexity.

The scientists trained rats to drive small vehicles (not a rat race) with specific rewards for the rats when they achieved their driving goals. In these simple mini vehicles the rats performed well with handling complexity.

In fact, the rats’ stress levels decreased.

I’m wary of animal experiments but I’m not sure how these results could otherwise have been attained.

We have known for a long time that use of the brain increases brain capacity. Just think of small things like playing chess or working on difficult puzzles. It seems that similar activities are necessary for optimum functioning of the brain. In other words, if you sit there and do nothing, you actually lose brain capacity.

What has this got to do with idea generation and new ideas whether for life or business?

When you have complex problems to solve in an ever-increasingly complex environment, working on them actually will help to stimulate the brain. This is why when you use your brain for idea generation activities, you find over time that ideas suddenly pop into your mind seemingly out of nowhere. But behind it is brain activity that you have helped to stimulate.

Society, businesses and the environment face many challenges. We can all bring up examples but let’s just focus on some of the major new issues such as climate destruction, environmental decimation and the so-called fourth industrial revolution (if you don’t like this clumsy term then simply use something like digital automation or the Internet of Things). Business people are challenged with rising costs, increased legislation and high overheads – everyone these days from institutions to banks to grab their piece of a business.

These problems require solutions. Sometimes it seems that we have insolvable problems. But every day you see new ideas, new technologies springing up to take on challenges whether it’s in energy, water or resource use.

If you want to increase your capacity to handle complex problems and increase your idea generation capabilities, then consider “Breakthrough Ideas”, a resource, a toolbox if you will, of methods, techniques and approaches that can work for you in your life and business. The methods are easy to follow and they help you to deal with an ever-increasing complex world.

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