Easy reading is hard writing

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The quotation, “Easy reading is hard writing”, is attributed to several writers going back to the 1800s but it still remains excellent advice for any type of writing, including business writing.

I’m sure you have read many business documents, whether emails, letters, proposals, reports, and web content that are darn difficult to read.

The fault can be placed squarely with the writer, no one else.

Today people don’t have the time or interest to read difficult writing.

If you’re not careful, you may even lose your reader in the first paragraph.

What then is easy to read writing? Without going into a definition, let’s just say that the writing is easy to understand, clear, and has impact.

Don’t forget impact because a so-called simple piece of writing can also be dull.

Easy to read writing is also not simplistic writing. If you think you can get away with having one sentence paragraphs to make your writing more simple, well, you’re on the wrong track. A series of simple sentences becomes tedious and also comes across like a sing-song.

Generally speaking, easy to read writing avoids jargon and technical terms, but if they are necessary, then the jargon and the technical terms need to be explained.

Also, you should provide a context for your material that will make it easier for the reader to understand.

Now there are several ways of making your writing easier to read. I’ve found simple ways to help my clients improve their writing through using these methods. They are effective. However, the hard work comes in where you must go through certain steps to make your writing easier to read. If you shortcut the process and send out your business document without carefully revising it, you’re probably going to do your reader a disservice.

On to business:

If you want your business documents to be easier to read, contact me via email and I can help. If you don’t have my email address, simply subscribe on my website. You may also have a lot of business writing on your plate and may need documents written for you. I can do that also.

Just send me an email with a short description of what needs to be done and I’ll get back to you.

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