Entrepreneurs called back after being chased away

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Photo by Joss Woodhead on Unsplash

I recently went with family visiting from New Zealand to the Kruger National Park and had the opportunity – and privilege – to see the park and surrounding attractions.

Most spectacular was the Kruger National Park with its beautiful wild animals and interesting topography.

One can only thank the pioneer conservationists for their foresight so future generations can enjoy this wildlife heritage. Had they not done so, we probably wouldn’t have the privilege of seeing the many animals, birds and other wildlife in their natural habitat.

But what I want to get onto is something interesting I experienced about entrepreneurship during my recent trip.

We visited an historic town – we will leave the name out – and got chatting to the owner of a local business.

We found out that the owner recently started up after the locals encouraged entrepreneurs to come back to the community.

Entrepreneurs running businesses were previously chased away – rather let’s not go into that here – and others tried to start something to attract tourists but were unsuccessful.

The locals changed their tune and have been encouraging entrepreneurs with proven experience to come in and rescue the community.

You see, what locals really want is to make a livelihood. Unsuccessful businesses are not going to create jobs. Other institutions are largely incapable of creating new job productive to the local economy. We saw for ourselves how many jobs the entrepreneur created – all beneficiaries from the local community.

Entrepreneurship is the magic that creates employment.

Take a moment to think of all the many, many people who rely on entrepreneurship throughout the country. for their daily livelihoods.

Everywhere, no matter which community, large or small, you will find entrepreneurship giving people what they need and want. Some people disagree. They have other agendas.

On every level, entrepreneurship needs to be encouraged.

No one here wants to glamorise entrepreneurship because it takes guts, grit and hard work to get something off the ground.

But in the end it’s rewarding not only for the entrepreneur but also for all the beneficiaries in the community.

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