Having problems with writing business proposals?

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Hi, I’m Chesney Bradshaw from Bell & Cray Communications.

If you need a business proposal or report, I can assist.

It will save you money or make you money … for a small but fair investment.

I do work for any size business given my business and industry experience.

Contact me at chesney.bradshaw@outlook.com. We can schedule a chat about your requirements.

At Bell & Cray Communications we are confident about the quality of the service we provide. To find out more about our solutions and credentials, visit our website ideaaccelerator.co.za.

Meet Chesney Bradshaw

Chesney Bradshaw, BA, MBA, has more than 30 years experience in business writing and coaching.

Contact Chesney Bradshaw for further information about private and confidential coaching and or the course outline and dates.

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