How can I give without giving myself away

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A top challenge to face in caregiving is how to give without giving yourself away?

Those of us who are caregivers realise this but often don’t act on it.

Rather than going to the reasons why, which usually gets us nowhere, let us think about what we should be doing.

We should all trust our own process. A coach doesn’t try to impose his or her process on someone such as a client or caregiver. Instead the coach tries to work with the individual’s process.

What a difference this makes!

With the explosion of advice on the internet and everyone pushing their own systems and processes, isn’t it refreshing when one realises that you have your own process that you can use to work through any challenge or difficulties you may face.

As a caregiver, I often face getting up in the morning and saying how do I work myself through this slump I have today? I use my own process to re-energise and focus.

In the presentation I have summarised what you could possibly call a first step in learning how you can give without giving yourself away.

If you have anything to add want to comment on it, please feel free to do so. It can help us all in our journey as caregivers.

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