How do you handle the stress and anxiety of a looming problem in your life?

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Many events in one’s life can be stressful and increase anxiety. This is not good for your well-being and health. It’s also psychologically difficult to put the impending event out of your mind. You keep thinking about it.

For a lot of people, the problem that they face could be quite different, but the stress levels and anxiety would possibly be the same. Maybe you are facing a retrenchment. Perhaps you are retiring soon and you are concerned about your financial situation. You could have a dispute with somebody and you are waiting for the authorities or a mediator to resolve the issue.

These are events that you have to manage. Sometimes you can’t anticipate them, but often if you can anticipate them, the pressure on you may still be the same.

Most advice would centre on things like exercise, eating, not drinking, reducing smoking habits, getting sleep.

Other advice would focus on writing a journal, meditation, yoga, quiet time and perhaps even mind techniques.

Yet other advice might be given on a spiritual level, a philosophical level and a psychological level.

Whatever method or approach you use to deal with your problem, you still have to get it under control to a level where you can get on with your life. You can’t get on with your life while the event requires conclusion in the background.

This brings me to an important point where we seek closure on problems quickly or quicker than they will be resolved. Problems sometimes take a long time to resolve. I think of one work-related problem I had that took one year to resolve. I had to live with the stress and anxiety of this problem and learn to cope, but it was extremely difficult to do so.

I point out that I ??have no expertise or special training in how to handle stress and anxiety at high levels. All what I’ve learnt is from experience and trying to get through life.

I have, however, looked at some coping strategies that make sense and have listed them here. I must caution that each individual is different. What may help one person will not help someone else.

So rather take these suggestions as general points of departure than must-do ways of reducing anxiety.

When faced with the weight of an impending challenge, I find solace in first acknowledging my emotions. Rather than suppress them, I allow myself to feel the stress and anxiety fully, understanding that it’s a natural response to uncertainty. This acceptance serves as a foundation for moving forward.

Once I’ve acknowledged my feelings, I strive to gain perspective on the situation. I analyze the problem, breaking it down into manageable components. By dissecting the issue, I can identify potential solutions and develop a plan of action.

Seeking support from trusted friends, family members, or mentors is invaluable during times of stress. Sharing my concerns with others not only provides emotional relief but also offers different perspectives and insights that I may not have considered on my own.

It’s of course vital that you choose people to confide in who are completely trustworthy. You also don’t want to talk to people who are going to make your situation feel worse than it is. This is like adding fuel to the fire. You want to talk to wise, balanced and intelligent people. ??

Engaging in activities that promote relaxation and mindfulness helps me to center myself amidst the chaos. Whether it’s through meditation, exercise, or creative expression, finding moments of peace allows me to recharge and approach the problem with a clearer mind.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including proper nutrition, sleep, and self-care, is essential for managing stress and anxiety. Prioritizing my well-being ensures that I have the resilience and energy to tackle challenges head-on.

Finally, I remind myself that facing adversity is an opportunity for growth. By embracing the challenge and learning from the experience, I can emerge stronger and more resilient than before. Each obstacle becomes a stepping stone towards personal development and self-discovery.

Whatever the nature of the problem you are currently facing, I wish you well in resolving it, but just as important, coping with it until it is resolved. If you have any suggestions or thoughts, please comment below.


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