How much attention do you pay to this vocational skill?

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I saw a report today on jobs and business areas that are growing and will continue to grow.

Categories that caught my attention were business development professionals and vocational training.

One vocational skill that is important if you are employed in a job or working for your own business is business writing.

When you get good at business writing, you will find that it benefits you in a multitude of ways. You will become better at your business correspondence, more persuasive, and attract new business.

I am not just talking about proposals or pitches that you may make to prospective clients or customers. I am also talking about the way you communicate professionally with peers, superiors, suppliers, and customers.

I have had countless examples of this recently where I have requested quotations from various suppliers and their business writing is atrocious to say the least. I think there is a certain level of confidence that you have in people who can communicate succinctly and clearly through their business writing.

It is a leading indicator of their level of thinking and what they are going to bring to their work. Yes, you can go for the cheapest supplier who is inarticulate, struggles with their language, struggles with their written communication, and then you are going to find that you will be struggling with the work that they do.

It won’t be done to your specifications. The workers and the boss will take shortcuts. They will leave room for rework and so it goes.

Do you want endless problems?

Customers don’t want endless problems from you. They want a job completed to your requirements, done on time and without any rework.

Just think how being better at written communication can increase your business development. You will be able to attract more clients and better quality clients.

Let’s face it, business development or in plain language selling through whatever medium is the most important thing for your job or your business.

If you need to brush up in this important area, there are two ways I can help. One way is to fix up your documents to make them more effective. The other way is to give you a bit of one-on-one training that will help up your game.

If you require my service, let me know via email. If we ever meet face-to-face, the coffee is on me.

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