If you want to use AI for your business writing, be my guest

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Photo: Unsplash, Shantanu Kumar

There’s no problem with using AI to do your writing for you. I’d go further and say that AI is a fantastic tool. Its time has come.

When I was a schoolboy I had to go to the library to do research, but now at my fingertips, or even using dictation, I can find out information and even get AI to do the writing for me, if I so wish.

We are living in amazing times where technology is helping to take the drudgery out of mundane tasks, and helping us to do these tasks a lot quicker, far quicker.

I have been using AI to supplement my research since I got hold of a suitable AI app last year.

So, as I say, it’s a brilliant tool and if you’ve got basic writing to do, it’s amazing how quickly it can be done. And you often get back information that you didn’t even think of.

Now, I was reading an article, which my son sent me, on an Australian website where copywriters were concerned about AI taking away their jobs. They were also worried about getting paid less for their work. No one wants to lose the work they are doing and get paid next to nothing.

I asked ChatGPT, “Please let me know whether copywriters will be replaced by AI”. This is the answer I received:

“While AI has certainly impacted many industries, including copywriting, it’s unlikely that copywriters will be completely replaced by AI. AI can assist copywriters by generating ideas, providing data-driven insights, and even producing some basic content. However, human creativity, understanding of nuance, and ability to connect with audiences on an emotional level are elements that AI still struggles to replicate effectively. So, while AI may change the landscape of copywriting, it’s more likely to augment human capabilities rather than replace them entirely.”

In the same article from the Australian website was the following:

“Companies that ditched their copywriters may be experiencing the “detrimental consequences” of having too much faith in AI, according to those same copywriters.
Freelancers report old clients getting back in touch and admitting the bot’s copy wasn’t up to scratch.”

My take is that uninformed clients can use AI as much as they please and get back whatever results they want.

The simple truth is that copywriters, editors and writing coaches like myself would want to stay as far away from clients like this as is humanly possible?

When it comes to certain types of copywriting and important business writing such as sales emails, reports, blog posts, and so on, that are aimed at influencing, persuading and engaging your audience, you need to be careful.

AI can write your content for you, but it will not be a human speaking to a human. There are a lot of subtle differences in writing that you do yourself and that AI does for you.

I’ll just briefly touch on one area, because the other areas I discuss with my clients who need business writing done for them, and that is voice.

It’s up to you if you want to lose your individual voice. The voice that you use for persuading others, settling arguments, negotiating and communicating with empathy.

If you take out your voice and get somebody else to do it for you, then there is the danger of sounding like every other chat bot writing app.

As I said, that’s just one key area. There are a lot of subtleties that I bring to the attention of my clients so that their writing can be more effective, persuasive and engaging.

If you need assistance with your business writing, I can help. I’m full up at the moment but contact me and I’ll see if I can squeeze you in. I don’t take anyone on. I prefer to know a bit about the person whom I’m going to help. It’s best to first send me a sample of your writing. We can take it from there.

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