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Many of us are so overwhelmed by all we have to do that we often have no time to write a report. By reports, I mean a concise piece of writing that uses facts and evidence to look at issues, situations, events, or findings. Reports are informative texts that analyse different topics with a specific purpose and audience in mind (source: Twinkl).

Keep reading this if you have little or no time to write your report and battle with reports

Whether you are writing a business report or a report on a patient or client, you may not have enough time to do so.

Reports are often important for your business or for your consulting service. You may even be a student or researcher who needs to compile a report at short notice.

All my reports that I write for clients are strictly private and confidential. In certain cases where a non-disclosure agreement is required, this can be arranged.

It is tempting to think that you can write a report using a word generator from an artificial intelligence desktop or mobile app. However, this is not always possible because you will have information from various sources. This information needs to be collated, analyzed, and presented in a form that can be easily read by your client. Your stakeholder could be a business partner, a supplier, a manager, or an employee.

I have written countless reports for various types of businesses, consultants, and even marketing case study reports for graduates.

My rates are reasonable and will pay you back in terms of your time and opportunity cost if you don’t get the report out on time and it isn’t impactful.

Another thing is the quality of your report. I make sure that all the reports I write are of high quality. How do I do this? I have years of experience writing, whether it is for business or for people who are not familiar with writing reports.

Take a look at the list of reports below and see whether any of these may be something that you will be facing shortly in the future or may face in time.

You can email me your requirements, and I will give you a quote within a quote as soon as it is required by you. A quotation or an assessment of your requirements will be done free of charge.

Please feel free to contact me anytime via email or social media.

Types of reports:

Informational reports

Analytical reports

Research report

Progress report

Explanatory report

Marketing report

Product Report

Sales report

Annual Report

Performance report

Proposal reports

Annual report

Digital media report

IT report

Meeting report

Routine report

Budget report

Audit report

Event report

Formal business report

Recommendation report

Short reports

Majority Report

Industry report

Summarized Business Report

Technical Business Report

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