Sneaky crimes people conveniently pretend they didn’t know they were committing

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Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

“Oops, Did I Do That? Some people just don’t care about breaking the law. They’ll do things like snagging an abalone while snorkeling, trespassing on private property, or blocking their neighbor’s access without batting an eye. It’s pretty wild when you think about it.

In a country where crime seems like a national pastime, it’s easy for some to brush off the consequences. But, hey, not everyone is into that. There are still plenty of law-abiding citizens out there.

What makes people turn to crime? Some research says it could be biological, like genetics or brain chemistry. Others blame it on upbringing or social factors. Poverty might play a role, but it’s not the whole story.

Ideally, we’d have a police system we can trust. I heard about a car guard taking matters into their own hands because they didn’t trust the authorities to handle criminals. It’s a messy situation that leads to vigilante justice.

Imagine a world where people were honest, caring, and didn’t turn a blind eye to crime. It would make for a much happier and safer society for us all.

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