Commercial handline fishing from Kalk Bay Harbour throttled to death

Fishermen turn to begging on the streets and becoming car guards 

Photo credit: Chesney Bradshaw

Kalk Bay Harbour commercial handline fishing is on death row.

The fishing stocks have declined dramatically. One cause is overfishing outside of False Bay by giant corporate commercial operations and illegal fishing by foreign vessels. But there’s more to the story than meets the eye.

Over the past three decades, policing of South African waters to stop illegal fishing by foreign operators has been lacking.

Adequate policing of the coastal waters costs millions and funds have shrunk (we all know why) to finance such operations.

Kalk Bay harbour is a travesty of what it once was.

During the summer months, I spent some time at Kalk Bay harbour. I fished on one of the boats for snoek and chokka.

It was a privilege to talk to some of the fishermen who are still around.

On the surface of things, Kalk Bay Harbour hasn’t changed. But when you dig deeper, you’ll find that things have changed for the worse.

In the hay days of the 1970s, commercial fishing boats would come in with a catch of 40,000 snoek on one day. On a very good day in the summer season of 2021/22, the boats brought in a total catch of 400 snoek. Sometimes only 40. Doesn’t this say something?

There are now three hand-line commercial fishing boats left. The other boats you see are commercial crayfishing boats that are based in Kalk Bay Harbour.

How come?

Yes, the decline of handline fishing is partly due to overfishing all over South Africa’s coastline.

But main reason is fishing quotas.

Commercial fishing quotas have reduced commercial handline fishing to three boats in Kalk Bay Harbour.

I witnessed firsthand how a veteran fisherman was forced to become a car guard. The boat he fished on was refused a commercial fishing licence.

Let that sink in. A fisherman from a very long line of fisher folk dating back to the first Filipino fishermen in the early 1800s.

Others have been reduced to begging on the streets.

Sad. Very sad.

All because of draconian measures of exclusion intent on a program of appears to be total annihilation.

Over 40 years ago, when I fished from Kalk Bay Harbour it was a vibrant place – a community asset. Now it has been reduced to a tourist trap. A?handful of eateries are the only commercially viable entities that exist.

There’s no doubt that it is still a beautiful harbour especially looking down from the homes above Kalk Bay and Boyes Drive. And it’s still a wonderful experience to walk along the pier and smell the fresh sea air. But for the fishermen who have been plying their trade for centuries, it unfortunately looks like the end of the line.?

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Red monkey tales – silly ideas might just work

The Red Money Logo is the property of Chesney Bradshaw. No reproduction may be made whatsoever.

Red faced monkeys enjoy living in the trees high above the Amazon jungle, searching for fruits and berries. They also come down from the tree tops to forage for insects and Brazilian nuts. Most of them shy away from other animals and especially people but one red monkey, sharper than the rest, sails down from the tree rooftops and occasionally gives out advice that may surprise you.

“Hey, Red Monkey what do you have to say for yourself today?”

“You called me down from where I was hanging in a tree so it must be important because you know I don’t like being disturbed.”

“I’ve been thinking,how do you get people to understand about how important it is to come up with ideas for new small business opportunities.”

“You called me down from my favourite place in the trees to talk about this. Haven’t you got anything better to do?”

“But you know how it is. People aren’t like you Read Monkey. They don’t enjoy the kind of freedom you have. They have to earn money in the human jungle otherwise they won’t survive and thrive.”

“Why don’t you talk about what you saw today when you were out shopping at the butcher today?”

“What you mean?”

“Tell them about those three young school girls finishing Matric and what they were doing.”

“What’s there to say?”

“If young people like that can come up with an idea to make money, why can’t adults?”

“Yes, what those young Matriculants school girls were doing all started with an idea. The three of them want to go to the coast for holiday when they finish their Matric this year and so they decided to dress up in Hawaiian beach gear, bak shortbread biscuits and were going around with a tin asking Saturday morning shoppers to donate towards their end-of-school holidays.”

“That’s what I mean. I don’t understand you humans. You make things so complicated. That’s all it takes. It all starts with an idea. But you’ve got to give something of value in exchange. Look at those young schoolgirls, they knew if they just went around empty handed they may have got a few donations but not much. So they decided to bak shortbread cookies themselves and let people on the streets decide how much they would exchange for each biscuit.”

“But these are young schoolgirls. Small business is different, isn’t it?”

“Do you really believe that? I might be a monkey but I’m not that stupid. Take that guy you know, John, How did he start his business which is doing so well now?”

“I suppose you’re right, Red Monkey. His idea was to start a new kind of restaurant where he could give customers better value than they were getting from the big chain restaurants. He started out small to test these idea and it took off.”

“Talking about food is making me hungry. I’ve got to go. I know of a tree where the berries have just started ripening and I want to scuttle off now before the other monkeys find them.”

“Well, Red Monkey, you never cease to amaze me. Go feast on your berries and come back soon because we’ve still got a lot to talk about.”

“It’s all just monkey business if you don’t do something about what you talked about today. If you want things to happen for you, you’ve got to be like those young girls and get into action, making and testing your product. It’s only monkeys like me that can monkey around. You humans have to work so you better find things that you enjoy doing.”

The “Red Monkey Tales” is a occasional light-hearted small business series which stimulates ideas and new thinking by monkeying around.

One way your entrepreneurial spirit can flourish

Photo by jean wimmerlin on Unsplash

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Everybody is talking about it but let’s not forget the economic devastation that it caused for so long.

Now is the time to look for opportunities. There is much work to be done and you can be part of the building, reinvigorating and rewiring.

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Selling snoek at Kalk Bay harbour for 25 cents each

Long-time Kalk Bay fisherman “Riemhou”.

Many years ago before Kalk Bay harbour was commercialised with restaurants who buy their fish from commercial fisheries in Cape Town, the harbour was a real fishing harbour. Boatloads of snoek, yellowtail and bonito (katonkel) were brought to the quayside for sale from the boats.

In those days there were so many boats in the harbour that skippers had to queue up while the boats ahead of them threw up their catches onto the quayside.

Peter Swart, Skipper of the Freda, outside Kalk Bay Harbour.

One summer in the mid-1970s, I went out fishing with my father on his ski boat for snoek outside Glencairn. The snoek was so plentiful that we all filled the fish hold and decks, ran to Kalk Bay harbour and sold our first boatload. Continue reading “Selling snoek at Kalk Bay harbour for 25 cents each”

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Old wine in new bottles – opportunities for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs in the Western Cape wine district, found a new opportunity to take something old and turn it into a money-spinner.

They have found old vineyards, abandoned long ago, and have re-established them. Several revenue streams are flowing: consulting to farm owners who want to re-establish old vineyards, selling of the wines from these vintage vineyards and tourist tours.

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Do you just fall into doing something you love or do you visualise it and plan it?

Do you just fall into doing something you love or do you visualise it and plan it?

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