Old wine in new bottles – opportunities for entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurs in the Western Cape wine district, found a new opportunity to take something old and turn it into a money-spinner.

They have found old vineyards, abandoned long ago, and have re-established them. Several revenue streams are flowing: consulting to farm owners who want to re-establish old vineyards, selling of the wines from these vintage vineyards and tourist tours.

How’s that for coming up with a new idea that can churn out money?

This bonanza makes one think about how others have tapped into the rich vein of old ideas, repackaged them and made them new for the market.

One only has to think of vinyl records. Everyone believed vinyl record were dead. But there has been a revival and you can even find brand new vinyl in music stores these days.

I hardly need to mention vintage cars. For decades vintage cars have been a huge craze among motorcar enthusiasts. Some of the rich collectors have garages full. Trading in vintage cars and restoring them can be lucrative.

Even in the somewhat arcane area of calligraphy, artists are clamouring for specialised drawing nibs, using the old-style pen holders, because of the beautiful and expressive lines that dip pen nibs make compared to today’s modern fountain pens.

A big moneymaker for many sharp operators has been refurbishing old homes. This takes place in neglected and forgotten suburbs that suddenly take on a new interest. But it also occurs in small, rural towns or villages where dilapidated houses are purchased for a song, refurbished and sold for outrageous prices.

What could you do to take an old concept or idea, repackage it and come up with a new product? Where could you go in search for new ideas given your background, experience and passion?

Innovative ideas are waiting to be discovered. With things as they are in 2018, consider what a difference coming up with a new idea could make to your life.

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