5 key traits of entrepreneurs

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What are the key traits of successful entrepreneurs? If you had to boil it down, what would you consider to be the top few characteristics of outstanding entrepreneurs? From your own behaviour and that of other entrepreneurs what do you think makes one entrepreneur more successful than another?

Are the characteristics or strengths of entrepreneurs different from other business people? Most business people need to think creatively, identify opportunities, be outstanding implementers, sell their ideas and concepts and possess a mindset where they take failure in their stride and persist against the odds. Often it’s important to look at the whole, the Gestalt, rather than just one or two traits because successful individuals have a combination of strengths, talents and skills. Continue reading “5 key traits of entrepreneurs”

What can you control?

IMG_3645If you try to control everything, your actions lead to stress, frustration and sleepless nights. As a start-up, small business owner or entrepreneur you can only control so much although you’d like to control everything.

When you have so much to do, so much to get off the ground, so many elements to control in your new product, service or new venture, things can get out of hand. I was reminded about this the other day when I heard an entrepreneur who runs an aerospace engineering company talking about how difficult it is sometimes just to get some sleep. Cash flow, he says, can be a nightmare that keeps you awake, getting only two or three hours sleep a night.

What can’t you control? Continue reading “What can you control?”