5 key traits of entrepreneurs

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What are the key traits of successful entrepreneurs? If you had to boil it down, what would you consider to be the top few characteristics of outstanding entrepreneurs? From your own behaviour and that of other entrepreneurs what do you think makes one entrepreneur more successful than another?

Are the characteristics or strengths of entrepreneurs different from other business people? Most business people need to think creatively, identify opportunities, be outstanding implementers, sell their ideas and concepts and possess a mindset where they take failure in their stride and persist against the odds. Often it’s important to look at the whole, the Gestalt, rather than just one or two traits because successful individuals have a combination of strengths, talents and skills.

1 Opportunity seeker: entrepreneurs have an opportunity mindset where they continually look and listen for trends and new ideas as well as new information. They are always alert to subtle changes and can see these things before others do.
2 Risk taker: the myth that abounds is that entrepreneurs are quick to place bets on  risky ideas, solutions and concepts. The streetsmart entrepreneur carefully identifies risk and seeks ways to manage the risk. Entrepreneurs reach out for more information when they realise that something is risky and avoid personal confirmation bias. In fact, they test their assumptions in the marketplace rather than fall prey to their own dogma.
3 Creativity: entrepreneurs are able to explore options, generate new ideas and think through problems. They are not afraid to think past boundaries. They have also mastered the art of taking an idea, developing it and implementing it rather than merely talking about it.
4 Communicator: entrepreneurs communicate their vision, connect with people and are able to pitch their product or service ideas to an audience of one or thousands. Their personal magnetism or charisma shines so that people are attracted to them and their ideas.
5 Confidence: entrepreneurs are used to taking knocks, falling down and picking themselves up. They persist. They have a strong self belief that they can tackle a challenge and come out smiling. Their healthy self-confidence is based not on ego and blind sightedness but to healthy self-knowledge of their capabilities, strengths and weaknesses and judgement.

While many people are negative about things, entrepreneurs are fired with a strong, positive mindset that helps them steer their own course in the marketplace. They are able to see new frontiers when others just see difficulties and problems. As a well-known Internet commentator Kevin Kelly, said the other day, can you imagine how it would have been to be an entrepreneur in 1985 when almost any.com name you wanted was available? As he says, today is a wide open frontier and the best time ever in human history to begin because in 30 years time, in 2044, we’d realise that most of the greatest products running the lives of citizens were not invented until after 2014.

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