Freewriting spawns new business ideas

Need a single little-known idea-generation technique that will produce new business ideas for you? Help you solve problems? Explore issues in your business on a deeper level?

But here’s the thing: when you know what the technique is please don’t just forget about it and not use it.

Will you?

Ok, now with that out of the way let’s get down to briefly showing you what it’s all about… Continue reading “Freewriting spawns new business ideas”

Do all these idea generation techniques really work?

You’ve got every right to be skeptical.

Here’s why:

Every day ordinary people come up with ideas. They fix things in their homes, they find ways to reduce their expenses and they get ideas to make delicious suppers.

At work they find new ways to do their work more effectively, write e-mails and proposals and figure out clever methods to cut costs.

Now, why would they want techniques and methods to generate ideas? Continue reading “Do all these idea generation techniques really work?”